A special Wedding with a reasonable budget? Trust your Wedding Planner!

Irene de Figueira, Wedding Planner

The Wedding Planner is  a widely recognized job is in the whole world  and increasingly used in Europe.

It has an specific qualification such as the one accrediting Irene de Figueira by the Spanish Wedding planner Institute.

As the Designer and/or Coordinator of your wedding, Irene de Figueira will be responsible for advising the couple, and to avoid them a heavy and the stress that the preparation of a Wedding means.

Irene de Figueira will help you to avoid endless discussions like  finding the perfect place, the best photographer, will advise you and explain about the protocol and the legal proceedings, always accordingly to your personality and wishes.

And when the D day arrives, Irene de Figueira will guarantee that everything is in Order and that is executed at the right time, that nothing is missing, coordinating the
event without her presence be noticed.

Why using our services?

A wedding is a unique event itself. Its preparation involves long hours, nerves, and the risk of paying a lot for a service that could not achieve your expectations.

Today,  those to get married have little time for preparations, and want a SPECIAL DAY, with SPECIAL DETAILS,  which they and their guests will remember as a wonderful fairy tale.

But how?

What for you is a complicated puzzle, for professionals as Irene de Figueira,  with wide knowledge of the business, and with lots of experience, is… just natural.

We take care of EVERYTHING!. You just have to tell us what you want, or choose from the options that you will be proposed.

Based on your budget, Irene de Figueira, your Wedding Planner,  will design an occasion that will always be unique and wonderful. For you, it will mean significant savings in time and money, as, being professionals, we know how to deal with suppliers of the Wedding.

From the sart of our work you will be in contact with Irene de Figueira and will receive the latest news and proposals based on your wishes and needs.

Is it very expensive to hire the services of a Wedding Planner?
No, quite the opposite. In most cases, preparing the wedding through a Wedding Planner is rather cheaper than those prepared  individually or “in parts” with the stress of uncertainty and not knowing if everything will be fine.

In Irene de Figueira we can handle everything, although we can also perform specific services: Just what are your needs. Our services go from a full contract that covers all needs, WEDDING DESIGN AND COMPLETE PROCESS to just the coordination of the ceremony or advice on how to implement the Protocol on each occasion;  or, for instance, to choose the best Wedding invitation.

In Irene de Figueira we are professionals and our extensive knowledge of ALL aspects of a wedding, will help you to get what you really want made true!.


Legal requirements to get married abroad

There are two basic options open to you for your wedding in the Algarve. You can opt to legally marry in Portugal by holding the civil ceremony as well a religious or celebratory ceremony here or you can legally marry in your own country and host the celebration ceremony in the Algarve. Each option has it’s own set of requirements and the paperwork, particularly with the first option, can be daunting. We strongly recommend that you consult with a wedding planner or local lawyer to be sure that you have everything in place before the big day.


Civil Ceremony – To legally marry in Portugal you will need:

–          Identification documents

–          Birth certificates

–          A Certificate of No Impediment. Portuguese law reuires that you have a document stating you are free to marry according too the laws of your country of nationality

Additionally you may need divorce certificates, death certificates of former partners or previous marriage certificates.

All documents must be translated into Portuguese and notarized locally, and you will need a translator for the civil ceremony.

A civil wedding is a contract that is bound to the laws of the country where the contract is issued.

Civil Ceremony and Religious Ceremony

In addition to the above and in the case of Catholic ceremonies,  you will need:

–          Documentation from your parish priest granting permission for the ceremony to be held.

–          Documentation for the Bishop of your parish

–          Documentation regarding baptism, first communion and confirmation

Celebration Ceremony

The celebration ceremony is not a legally binding act and therefore not subject to the restrictions of the civil ceremony. It complements the legal facts of the civil ceremony while allowing couples to truly experience their dream wedding as they can choose the location, the time of day, the words, promises, prayers and vows that mark the start their life as a married couple.

Getting Married in Algarve: Trust in The Best!


Based in the Eastern Algarve, near the border with Southern Spain, Irene de Figueira Wedding Planners bring professionalism and elegance to everything they do. With many years experience planning both events and weddings in Spain, particularly Menorca, the team at Irene de Figueira take the stress out of it all, leaving you free to enjoy the day and the preparations with your partner.

When you plan your wedding with Irene de Figueira you can be assured that the team is working on your behalf anddefending your interests. In fact, Irene works to ensure that using her services is more economical for you than to organize and contract everything yourself.

Irene de Figueira Wedding Planners can offer you bespoke services according to your budget and your wedding dream. Operating all across the Algarve, they can take care of your wedding plans from beginning to end, contracting caterers, florists, musicians, finding locations and so forth, or they can offer you support on the day.

Services include:

– expert assistance with the bureaucracy and legalities of marrying in Portugal

– assistance in English, Portuguese and Spanish

– assistance with religious, civil services and gay services

– engagement parties

– bridal showers

– rehersal dinners

– design and decor for the wedding venue

– wedding invitations

And much more….

Would you like to get married in a Palace? We introduce you the Villa Sao Paulo- Wedding and Event Villa

Villa Sao Paulo offers a special opportunity to hold your Wedding, hold an event and stay, or just stay.

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The property offers an amazing excuse to extend your celebrations… Why not celebrate your wedding day on one of our stunning terraces and fantastic pool floor and then take in the beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean and coastline for the rest of the week. Everyone can relax by the pool, on the famous Estoril beaches, take trips into Lisbon which is only 20 mintutes away on the train and explore the beautiful surrounding areas of Estoril, Cascais and Sintra .

Experience a truly unforgettable day and celebrate your love with family and friends in a unique setting. Villa Sao Paulo offers a combination of both great atmosphere, fantastic amenities suited for the occasion, comfortable accomodation and all the support you will ever need from our on-site team.

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¡Una Boda de Cine Cine, compartida con todos!

Neus y Carlos recorren juntos el pasillo que les separa de sus familiares y amigos. Han cambiado los bancos de la iglesia por las butacas de cine, el altar por la pantalla grande. Su boda es, cinco meses después, un estreno en la sala Augusta de Palma. Mor mor –título alusivo a un apodo entre la pareja– se distancia de los vídeos tradicionales de boda, paridos durante años bajo la fórmula de sota, caballo y rey: un poco de improvisación, saludos espontáneos de los familiares y baladones mainstream para aderezar el ruido ambiental o los momentos clave de toda ceremonia.

El vídeo de boda del matrimonio mallorquín es una película en toda regla, mediometraje por los 35 minutos de duración, y supone el último giro novedoso a la hora de personalizar la celebración de un casamiento. “No tenía razón de ser ver el vídeo nosotros dos solos. Convocar a los invitados un día festivo [el pase se celebró ayer] para ir al cine es una forma de hacerles partícipes de lo que supuso para nosotros la celebración y una forma de agradecerles su presencia y participación. Les devolvemos lo que han hecho por nosotros”, explica Neus Artigues mientras reparte besos entre los asistentes junto a su marido y posa en un photocall, montado para la ocasión.

Esta original opción, ha sido noticia en Mallorca y la noticia reproducida en los medios locales y nacionales (en este caso, en el Mundo de Baleares ) ¿Qué os parece?

Para todo tipo de bodas,  contad con vuestra Wedding Planner :